"What is Ombu?"

Huntington Library

Huntington Library

"Oh, um, yeah, well you see uhh an ombu is a tree..."


Armed with this post, I can now avoid having to explain to people face-to-face why this project is named after a tree, and not something trendy, like Tripify, TripandTrot, Grouply, or my personal favorite, anything that has to do with #Wanderlust. (1)

Ombu is better. Let me explain why.

An Ombu is a tree that grows in Argentina (and Southern California too). It's got a wide canopy and according to Wikipedia, its leaves can be used as a laxative. So why did we name our project after a poop-inducing tree? (2)

It brings people together.

When I think about the Ombu tree, I always imagine a tree standing by itself in the middle of a field. Travelers and passersby gather under the tree to take refuge from the heat. Over time, more people gather. They share stories. They laugh. They break bread. Some even choose to continue their journeys together.

People come to the Ombu for the shade, but they always leave with something else: an experience that is social, unexpected and hard to forget. 

I want us to be this Ombu.



Final notes:

(1) Not real names we considered for this. Some names that did come up: Clusterfun, Harp & Ham, Omigo, Oxplorers and Just the Trip.

(2) I swear I didn't try to work in "poop-inducing" into this. It just happened.